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29 May 2013

Sexy Dancer: Cat Glover Talks 2 Beautiful Nights

   When it comes to dancing, Catherine Glover is definitely the one you want to see.
  Glover, simply known to Prince fans as Cat, was the artist's first lead female dancer/choreographer. She paved the way for others including Diamond and Pearl (Robia LaMorte and Lori Elle), Mayte, Geneva and, later, The Twinz (Maya and Nandy McClean).
  Glover is a self-taught dancer originally from Chicago.  She honed her skills in her hometown and, later, on the L.A. club scene. She made it to the finals of the then hugely-popular TV talent show "Star Seach," as part of the duo Pat and Cat-- the first act to receive a "perfect score" on the program-- only to lose.
  But, that was only the beginning. Her talents were in demand by the late 1980s: David Bowie and Prince both asked her to work on their respective tours. She chose to work with The Purple One and the rest is history.
  Her high-energy dancing and singing were prominent on Prince's "Sign o' the Times" Tour, which was filmed and released theatrically, in 1987 and "Lovesexy" Tour in 1988. She also choreographed the music video for Prince and Sheena Easton's single "U Got the Look" and danced alongside Sheila E. in the video for "Koo Koo."
  In addition, she sang backing vocals on several Prince songs and was the featured rapper on two Prince cuts: the hit single "Alphabet St." in 1988 --where Prince gave her a memorable introduction-- and "Cindy C," which was recorded in late 1987, but, not officially released until 1994 on The Black Album.
  K Nicola Dyes conducted a telephone interview with Glover, on Mother's Day, two days after "Lovesexy 25," the silver anniversary of Prince's groundbreaking album, where she discussed the real reason she left Prince's band, her unreleased solo album and creating the "Cat Scat":

  When I was a kid I loved to dance.

  I started dancing when I was five. Actually, I think I started when I was in my mother's womb. I basically learned (to dance) from the street.

  Chicago is my hometown. I was born and raised in the Windy City. Love it.

  I always wanted to be famous. (Laughs).

  My approach to choreography is from the heart: be yourself, let go and just feel the music. The music is the important thing, just feel it.

  Star Search was the most amazing thing for me, because, I never thought I would get that far.
  When I did Star Search I was working in Beverly Hills at this store called The Beautiful Web on Beverly Drive where I was a salesperson. A friend of mine, Patrick Allen, the Pat of Pat and Cat, used to hang out at a club called The Rhythm Lounge 
in L.A. on Melrose Avenue . It was filled with breakdancers like Shabba-Doo, Toni Basil, Bugaloo Shrimp and Poppin' Taco. I met him at that club and he asked me "How would you like to audition for Star Search?" I said "Sure!"
  We auditioned and made it on the show. However, there were only seven shows to win in that year. It changed my life, because, I never thought this little girl coming from Chicago would get on Star Search with all these trained dancers. We won the semi-finals, got to the finals and lost. We lost $100,000.
  But, it wasn't all that bad. Some of the judges were the best choreographers in the business. One of them was Michael Peters, who worked with Michael Jackson. He couldn't believe we lost. I remember we lost to this couple named Christopher and Snowy. They danced to Prince's song "Baby, I'm a Star." We danced to "You Wear it Well" by DeBarge. After we lost, I wasn't even upset; I went straight to work. I worked in Beverly Hills in the daytime, but, I was a dancer at The Palace in Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine at night. No big loss.
  As a matter of fact, more people said "Who is this girl? Where did she come from?" People in Chicago signed a petition saying that I should have won. Ed McMahon contacted me. I said the judges chose (the winner), what's fair is fair and that's okay. The thing is I haven't heard about them (Christopher and Snowy) since, just being honest. But, they were really nice people.
  We got the first perfect score, which was all "fours" and through the seven shows we did we got three perfect scores. I was shocked. If I could find some of the tapes, I could show you the look on my face. One of the perfect scores came (when we danced) to Diana Ross' song "Eaten Alive." Allen (was dressed) as an alligator hunter who died and I was a lioness. I remember that people looked at me funny, because, I had no shoes on. I had borrowed a friend's lion costume and we did this jungle theme. We had no idea that people were going to love it. I kept saying "Oh my God, are you kidding me? All fours?"  I was just this little street dancer.
  Allen contacted me a couple of weeks ago. He was doing a show in Venice Beach and invited me. However, I couldn't make it. That was a bummer. When I was signed to Warner Bros. Records, with Steve Fargnoli, I moved to London. When I filmed my first video "Catwoman" I got in contact with Allen and I invited him out to London to be in the video. He's in the beginning of the video with a green suit on. He's a such a sweetheart. I love that guy to death.

  I met Prince... the formal introduction was at his house in Beverly Hills. I was invited by Devin DeVasquez, a Playboy Playmate who was also on Star Search (as a spokemodel). She was dating Prince at the time. Prince's father (John L. Nelson) and DeVasquez were good friends.    
  She invited me to Prince's house for dinner and I met him when he walked in with a DAT (digital audio tape) or a cassette tape and it was "Housequake." He wanted Fargnoli (Prince's then manager) to come upstairs and hear it. He saw me sitting at the table wearing all purple—suspenders, high-waisted pants—and I had on that chauffeur's hat that I gave him for his birthday. (He wore it singing) "Forever in My Life" in (the concert film) "Sign o' the Times." He said "Who is that sitting at the table?" I was invited there for a friendly dinner by DeVaquez and he popped up, looking cute as ever, I might say.
  After dinner we all went to a club. We took different cars and we ended up at a club called Voila in Beverly Hills, a private club, downstairs in a mall. I was sitting there with Fargnoli, DeVaquez, Prince and a couple of other people. Prince said (speaking in a low, raspy voice) "Cat, when a good song comes on will you dance with me?" I said "Sure!"

  The first song came on and he didn't ask to me to dance. The second song came on; he didn't ask me to ask. On the third song, "Simply Irresistible" by Robert Palmer, he asked me to dance. I was wearing cowboy boots and a pair of Levi's jeans. He reached to hold my hands while we were dancing, but, I had leather gloves on, so, I couldn't feel anything.
  He started doing dance steps and I started doing them; whatever he did, I did. I think he noticed that, so, he started doing them more and I started doing them more. I think we stayed on the dance floor for two songs. After that, the DJ played some kind of uptempo house music, which I love, being from Chicago. I remember I walked toward the DJ and there was a wall. I put my hands on the wall and started jackin' (a dance move closely associated with house music that originated in Chicago).

  That's the night it all started.

  David Bowie's Glass Spider Tour... It's a funny thing: Prince asked me to join his band on a Friday and David Bowie asked me (to join his tour) on a Saturday -- the same weekend. I said "Oh my God, when it rains, it pours." I love Bowie, because, I grew up in the "neo" days, the punk days and that was the music I danced to. I had a dilemma.
  Troy Beyer (the actress/director) was dating Prince at the time and she lived in my (apartment) building. I said "Troy, Prince has called and Bowie just called. I don't know what to do." I was so confused. She said "Cat, do what your heart says." I said "Prince!"
  I turned down Bowie and I accepted the job with Prince. But, what I did was I replaced myself on Bowie's tour with one of my best friends, Constance Marie, who played George Lopez's wife on The George Lopez Show. I got her to do the Glass Spider Tour instead of me. I think everything that Marie did as a lead dancer is what I was supposed to do. I actually saw it. It was awesome.
  We were on tour at the same time. Bowie was staying across the street from us in Italy. It was really weird. The good thing was that when we were on tour, Bowie and I hooked up. He was in a limo trying to get into a club where we were doing an aftershow. One of the security guards knew I was inside and he said "Bowie wants to see you, he's outside." So, I snuck out the back door and I jumped into his limo. I asked "What's wrong?" He said (speaking with a British accent) "Cat, there's too many bloody people out here. You know me. I just want to bloody get in." I got him in safely through the back door.
  We ended up at Paisley Park together about a year later when Prince threw a party. I was with Bowie, Constance Marie and Prince, standing against a wall. Prince said "Yeah, that's my girl" (referring to Cat). Bowie said "No, that's my girl." Prince said "Well, I had her first" and Bowie said " No, she was supposed to be with me first!" It was funny. That was the conversation. It was amazing. Me and Constance Marie are sitting there looking at each other like "Wow, is this really happening?" We were just two little hip-hop dancers from the club. It was pretty cool. It was an awesome feeling.

Sign o' the Times Tour Promo Poster

  The "Cat Scat"... Oh my. I've been doing that dance since I was about five years old. I used to go to the library in Chicago, I would I walk up this big hill to get there and I would always check out African albums. I would check out anything with African music. There was a particular artist whose album I had for more than two months. I got in trouble for not bringing that album back to the library. It had these African drums on it. (Mimics drum sounds with voice). I would sit there and do the "Cat Scat" slowly. But, when the drums sped up, I started shaking. (Mimics drum beats faster).
  Then, I started renting all these African documentaries, just trying to learn how the African culture came up with the spiritual dances that they do. I became attached to it and I've been doing it ever since—that dance and another dance I called "The Leg," which no one knows about yet. I can't explain it. Not the "Wooden Leg," but, "The Leg." Maybe you'll see it soon. I grew up on the Westside of Chicago --which was really bad-- and I remember the adults used to say "Do 'The Leg,' Catherine!" I basically grew up on African music as far as dancing. But, I listened to rock, heavy metal, punk and ska (music). Weird, right? Strange girl!

  It all changed... I don't know. If I stayed into punk and ska (music), I would still be "strange." I would listen to Prince if I got depressed. I had this dream, from the very first time I saw Prince, from the first album he had. I said to myself "I'm going to meet him one day and I'm going to dance with him. Once he sees me, he's going to love me!"
  Now mind you, I didn't know about beauty. I always thought I was just a human being; a person. I never looked at the women he worked with and thought "Ooh, I could never be (like) that."  I just thought "I'm Cat and I can dance. He'll love me and I'm just like him."
  I remember when Vanity 6, The Time and Prince were on tour in Chicago. I was a dancer at this club called Dingbats. They stayed at the Holiday Inn right across the street and I went to his hotel. I had short, curly blue-black hair, I had on this tiger print blue shirt that I cut up and then I sewed zippers in it--don't ask me why-- and I wore leg warmers. I remember standing at the elevator pushing a button. I was trying to get up there to meet Prince. The door opened and he was there, standing with Susan (Moonsie) and couple of other people. I remember that he just stared at me. He looked at me from head to toe. I thought "Wow." But, I still didn't get to "meet" him.
  They ended up in our club where Mr. T was the doorman. I had a fake ID. I didn't know how to lie about my age, so, I think my ID said I was 28 years old and I wasn't even 21! I remember that Vanity 6 and The Time came, but, Prince never showed up. I was a go-go dancer there. That club was so funny that I had to control my own disco lights. Ghetto! I was a starving dancer. There were only two of us, the other girl's name was Michelle.
  When it was my time to go up, I would flip the switch and put on the strobe light. Then, when I wanted to get really sexy, I'd dance over to the light and flip another switch to make it red. It was hilarious. But, everyone loved it. That's like Flashdance ghetto style broke! But, we did it.       Imagine being a dancer and not having a light man. Your lights are onstage and you flip the switch: "I want strobe light now," "I'll have a red light," "I think I want a spotlight." That's how it was.
  It was a 28-and-over club with so-called "sophisticated" people. They had no idea I was underage.

  Sometimes I wonder why (Prince) chose me. Before me, I saw women like Sheila E. --gorgeous. Apollonia—gorgeous. Vanity—fabulous. Jill Jones—voluptuous. Then here comes me. Why? I literally asked Prince about that one day. I said " On a serious note, Prince, why me?" He said "Why not you?" I said "Because, I'm Black." He said "What? Why do you think I wouldn't like you, because, you're Black?"
  I said "Well, let's see: Sheila E., she's mixed. Vanity, she's mixed. I mean, come on. You have Apollonia. You have Jill Jones." Most of us are Black, but, I think I was the "original blackness of Black." I said something like that. But, he was very surprised. He was literally shocked.
  I think that also let him know that I was very humble. All I wanted him to do was see me dance and I knew he would love it. I didn't realize that I wasn't that beautiful, so, I was never vain. Even though I grew up in Chicago and have been on my own since I was about 16 years old, I never knew what beauty or ugliness was. I just thought of everybody as a human being. I don't say "Ooh, she's cute," you know? I never knew about insecurities or jealousy. All my friends were of every race in Chicago. But, things have sure changed now.

  I used to think that everybody in this industry was exactly what I had imagined them to be. But, (whistles) boy was I wrong. Sometimes, it's nice to admire an artist from afar and love what they do, because, meeting them can be a huge disappointment. I was very naive. Extremely naive.

  I always wanted to work with Prince! So simple.

  Laughter is life.

  "U Got the Look"...funny story. Even though I was in Prince's band, he asked me to choreograph the video. I said "Fine, but, you have to pay me. This is not for the 'Sign o' the Times' Tour, this is an extra job." So, I told him the money that I wanted and he agreed to it. He said "We're going to film it in Paris."
  I did not speak any French. He had me audition about 300 dancers, and—excuse me for being ignorant or slow—but, I had no idea that Black people there didn't speak English. I was there saying "Hello! Hello!" to all the Black people and they couldn't speak English and I couldn't speak French. Now, this is when I say I was naive.
  The best education is to travel the world. There is no book that can teach about cultures. Luckily, there was an interpreter, I can't remember her name, who was Prince's assistant at the time. I was trying to call out their names and stuff like that. I narrowed it down to about a dozen dancers. I did the choreography for everyone and the video came out really well. It was exciting and sexy.
  No one knows this, but, Prince and I both edited the "Sign o' the Times" movie together. Even though it has the editor's name (on it), we went picture by picture. We had pictures all over the wall of the editing room.
  The "U Got the Look" video was amazing. Sheena Easton was funny. I told her "You have to be sexy and you have to walk backwards." She said "But, I will fall! I will fall down!" I said "Just do it." It was cold and I was freezing. I was about to blow off the stage holding on to Prince's coat and she said "Oh, I can't, I'm scared." I said "Just do it!" It came out really well. I actually enjoyed that video.
  Prince's mom came (to the set). That was the first time I met her. She was so beautiful. A doll. Just gorgeous. I met Prince's little brother. He was so cute and he had a crush on me. I was like "Bless your little heart." I can't remember his name, but, he was just adorable. He had green eyes and curly hair. Prince's mom was really short like him and adorable, sweet, kind. Just awesome.

  Cat Glover on her wardrobe for the "Sign o' the Times" Tour: "That peach dress from "Sign o' the Times," from what I understand, but, I'm not sure, was Prince's own design. But, everything else, those were my own clothes. That's how I used to dress when Prince met me. I wore poodle skirts and bustiers. The only thing that wasn't me was the peach dress. Well, I didn't walk around in the green tutu from "Hot Thing." Let's clear that up now. I didn't wear little tutus at clubs. But, everything else you saw was actually mine. No one dressed me."

  Touring was fabulous. Fun. Exciting. Tiring. It was amazing. It was so much fun. It was just incredible. If you are on tour with the right person, you don't ever want to go home.

  Filming "Sign o' The Times"...The reason the movie was put on film was, because, when Prince first exposed the new band, a lot of people in Europe held up signs that said "Where are Wendy and Lisa?" and "Where is The Revolution?" They did, they really did.
It was funny, because, I was the new kid on the block. They weren't warm and welcoming to us. Prince got very upset.
  We were doing our shows and something drastic happened. I can't remember what country we were in, but, there was a thunderstorm. Mind you, we were performing outside. But, the show must go on. Prince and I were on wireless microphones. There was rain, lightning and thunder. A bolt of thunder struck one of the signs over Boni Boyer's keyboard and it fell. That's when we said "That's it" and Prince decided to put "Sign o' the Times" on film.
  I was in my panties. Okay? I was cold. Everyone else was in clothes. You know how my clothes were. I was cold, I was freezing, but, I was professional. When that sign fell and it took a chunk out of Boyer's keyboard, Prince said "That's it." I think God said "I'm going to save you guys." 

  As a responsible person, Prince was really concerned with all of the band members. He didn't want anyone to get hurt. He didn't want any of the fans to get hurt. Water, lightning and mikes, what do they equal? Disaster. The wind was blowing so hard we couldn't even see. We actually performed as long as we could until we stopped.

  People often ask me if I ever dated Prince. The answer is no. A lot of women that get with Prince mistake his friendship and his affection as them being his "girlfriend."
  Let's put it like this: if you're his girlfriend, you'll know it. I was never his girlfriend. 
 it was strictly professional. Although, we were both attracted to each other.

  Boni Boyer was my best friend on tour. We shared dressing rooms together. She was a jokester. She was so funny. During sound checks she always had everyone laughing. She was multi-talented. Boyer was from Oakland. She was from the street. She would have Prince on the floor laughing. When she would walk onstage during sound checks, we would all immediately start laughing, because, we knew she was going to say something funny.
  I remember we had a sound check in Europe and Boyer was a little late. Prince had on this green two-piece outfit with the alphabet on it. She was late and Prince said "Boni, you're late" and she had on silk pajamas. He said "Don't come on my stage and sound check with those silk pajamas on." Then, Boyer looked at me and Sheila E. --or me and Levi Seacer-- and she said "Yeah, but, you're wearing green pants with the alphabet on them."
  We started laughing and we laughed so hard. She made everyone laugh. She was so confident. She was a great singer and a great musician. She could carry her own; she was awesome, funny and raw. I miss her, she was my best friend.

  You should never assume things before you actually see them for yourself.

  The "Sign o' the Times" single cover...that was when Prince actually asked me to join his band. I had no idea what was going on.
  He asked me to go by his house in Beverly Hills and pick up a dress. I flew to Minneapolis the next day and I had no idea that was the dress I was supposed to wear. But, that dress was supposed to be for Susannah Melvoin, Wendy's twin sister. It just so happened I fit the dress. I came to find out that was the dress he wanted me to wear for the cover and he didn't let me know what it was for.
  Earl Jones, Jill Jones' uncle, did my hair. I put on the dress, they gave me Prince's glasses, Prince told me to play the guitar and they started shooting. That how it ended up on the cover.
  By the way, that heart you see on the cover, was a thick glass mirror. It was so heavy and that's why you see my muscles. I was shaking holding that heart. I said "Prince, if you were going to make the heart black, you could just drawn a black cardboard heart and it would have been effortless."

  But, he's smart and he's such a genius, he wanted it to look like him. I got it. If you're holding something heavy, I don't care if you're a baby, girl or woman, your muscles are going to show. Even my dad thought that was Prince. Prince's dad thought that was Prince. Amazing, right?

   When I created routines for Prince's tours I had to make sure everyone could play their instruments and dance at the same time. Seacer and Miko Weaver were so mad at me about some of the stuff I did for the "Lovesexy" Tour. I told Seacer he needed to stick one leg over his bass and hop on one foot to make it funky. In "Sign o' the Times" I said "You guys want to be dogs and go 'woof!' You want to crawl, there's a fire hydrant, open your leg and 'pee' on it." I was really animated.
  Some of the band members had a problem with the choreography, especially (for) "Housequake." I made everybody jump and told them to act like they were experiencing an earthquake. That's what "Housequake" is, an earthquake. No, they weren't too pleased.

  Collaboration means collaboration. That's it. A lot of people don't under the meaning of wanting to collaborate with you. When you get in the studio they want to take over everything. It's so true.

  The L.A. club scene in the 1980s was awesome. What I liked about it was that everybody had a dream and they had a goal. Our goal was just to be famous, be seen and give our best work to whomever was there. Everyone just had fun. The times have changed so much and nowadays it's not like that.
  Back then, you went to clubs to have fun, be seen, enjoying yourself wearing crazy outfits: bows in your hair, lace gloves, tore-up fishnet stockings, blue and purple hair, spiked bracelets, you name it. A lot of celebrities and movie producers used to go clubs to find new talent. Prince was one of them.
  Everyone knows knows that my club was Vertigo. After I met Prince, I took him to my side of the tracks. The biggest club out here was Vertigo and (there were) a lot celebrities— I'm talking "red carpet," "velvet rope." I had Carte Blanche. I would go to the club, bring 16 people with me and security would let me in. Then, I felt bad for people who were standing in the line and I would say "Let him in or let her in." I just had that power. I had that juice. I had juice in every club out here, you name it. And still do. Yes, I do. (Laughs). But, a lot of those clubs (from the 1980s) are closed now.
  The thing about Prince is that when he comes to L.A., he wants people to direct him to the clubs that are not famous. He doesn't like to go to the "bougie" clubs. He likes to go to the clubs where things are happening. I took him to all the underground clubs. It's like when you are in your hometown and other people say "Go here!" But, you say "No, Prince, come here." I was that type of person. You can kind of say I turned him out on the clubs. Yes, I did. He knows I did.

  The Black Album was the first time Prince got me on tape recording. It was intense. I can't even go into that right now, because, it's too intense. The album didn't really have any production. It was spur of the moment. The Black Album was about personal things he was going through, which is why I don't want to discuss it.

  Prince, Madonna and I were the original lineup for Graffiti Bridge. That movie was strictly written for Prince, Madonna and myself. Period. Exclamation point.
  That movie was actually written on the Lovesexy Tour. Everyone in that movie replaced us. Prince actually wrote the movie and most of it was what we experienced on the Lovesexy Tour. Madonna pulled out of the movie and I left Prince; I quit. So, he had to revamp the script.
  That's when he got Ingrid Chavez and everyone else. But, Mavis Staples was one person that was originally supposed to be in the movie. She was always part of the movie. Sheila E. was part of the movie. Everyone else was a replacement. I don't mean to say it that way, it sounds kind of harsh and mean, but, I know the original script.
  I was in the studio with Madonna and Prince when they were discussing the script. The story was totally different. I remember they were arguing over the script, bragging on each other, talking about each other's shoes and I was laughing. Madonna said to Prince "Cat and I should have a dance battle" and Prince said (speaking in a low raspy voice) "I don't think so. I don't think you want to do that. I don't think you want to dance against Cat." That's just how he said it. I'll never forget it.
  That was two powerful people, together, in the same space—and me. I was more like a bystander listening and watching.

  But, the whole movie changed.

  It's a waste of time answering questions for people who continuously ask the same damn questions over and over when they know the real answer.

  "Alphabet St." Do you know what that song is really about? Somebody told me! I was just in the studio singing the song. Honestly, I didn't know. On truth. On the Bible.
  I was in the studio with Prince for two or three nights and I was so exhausted. I was tired and he left me. He said "I'm going home now and I want you to record your vocals. When I come back, I want to make sure they sound good."
  He knew I loved Salt 'n' Pepa. He said "You better get it right, because, if you don't, Salt 'n' Pepa are going to rag on you!"
  He left me in Studio A at Paisley Park and showed me just one time how to work the board to record my stuff. I recorded my stuff. Sure did.
  Prince is the type of person that if you don't know how to do something, he'll show you one time and he has that much faith in you that you can do it. Of course, you don't want to disappoint him. So, I said "I'm going to do this. He knows I love Salt 'n' Pepa. How dare he throw them up in my face!" If anybody approved of my rapping, I wanted it to be Salt 'n' Pepa.
  Actually, their manager (Herbie "Lovebug" Azur), called me up one day and wanted me to choreograph one of their videos, after "Push It" came out.

  Cat Glover on Teena Marie: I was living in London and she was in London working with Producer Jazzie B. He was friends with my ex-boyfriend Tim Simenon, of Bomb The Bass. Bomb The Bass was producing my album and producing Seal's song "Crazy."
  So, when Teena Marie got in town, she got in touch with me. She came over to my flat. She, Boyer, a couple of friends and I were there.
  The first thing she said was "Cat, we need you to rap!" It was so cool to hear her say that to me and she literally did my whole rap (from "Alphabet St."). All of us are sitting in the house and I'm looking at them and said "No, this is not Teena Marie. No. And she likes my work?"
  So, me, her and Boyer were kicking it and I was on my way to the studio. I had my video camera; I used to document everything I did. Boyer and Teena Marie were on camera, so, I'm talking to them being funny and said "So, why are you here?"
  Teena Marie said "Well, my record company sent me here to work with an artist that doesn't even know what an eight-bar intro is." You know, after eight bars, you're supposed to sing. Well Jazzie B had her singing on the 16th bar and she wasn't happy about that. So, she and Boyer started joking and sang "Alphabet St."
  Both of them came to the studio and sang background on a ballad that I wrote about Prince called "Are You Listening?" It's most beautiful song you'll ever hear in your life. That is one of the songs I would love the public to hear. Simenon has all the music (from Glover's unreleased album) and he's in Sweden right now.
  We (Glover and Teena Marie) were never friends before that. But, she was cool. It was like I had known her all my life.

  People would be surprised to know that I'm most insecure person they will ever meet. I always get compliments on my body. I don't think I have a great body. People always say that I'm a great dancer and I think I can be better than I am. It kind of shocks me. But, I'm glad that I'm humble like this, because, I don't see myself as other people see me.

The Sign o' the Times/Lovesexy band (L to R):
Top row, Cat; "Dr." Matt Fink; Eric Leeds; Levi Seacer; Atlanta Bliss; Sheila E.
Bottom Row:  Boni Boyer; Miko Weaver; Prince

  Lovesexy was a really beautiful experience. We were all in the studio and recorded our parts together; some of us recorded our parts separately. It was was a very humble, spiritual and emotional experience. It was the best experience of anything I ever did with Prince. It was very passionate and very personal.

  Being in the limelight has its ups and its downs. People forget that you're human, that you have feelings and that you have a family. You don't know who to trust.

  I left Prince's band in 1989 and it was my choice to leave. He did not fire me. I chose to leave, because, I'm mother's child-- I have morals, values and I could make my own decisions.
  I was asked to do something I didn't agree with. So, I chose to leave. That was my decision, not Prince's decision. I wasn't offered (an opportunity for) a solo career before I left Prince. I was actually on a retainer while Prince was doing the "Batman" movie. He fired someone—but, he actually wanted me to fire that person-- and that's why I left.

  Cat Glover on her unreleased solo album I Am Energy: When I moved to London, they wanted me to sign with Warner Bros., or WEA International (now Warner Music International), with Fargnoli.  He had started his own (record) label called Red Dot Music. The album's title, I Am Energy, was, because, everyone said when they saw me on stage I had so much energy. Prince called me his endorphin. Most of my clothes (on the Lovesexy Tour) said "Endorphin."
  Basically, everyone said "Cat, when you're around me, you give me so much energy." So, I called the album I Am Energy.
  However, it was never released, because, of a conflict of interest. Fargnoli was my manager, but, he also owned the label. So, it was not working out. I asked to be released from my contract and (the album) never came out. There were no more releases after (the single) "Catwoman."
  "Now it Rains" was on the b-side. They asked me out of all the songs, what would I like on the b-side, and that song was something different. I wrote that about Prince. "Now It Rains" is still my favorite song.

  The album was completed. However, Simenon, my producer, actually owns the masters; Warner Bros. never paid him. He has all my masters. He produced everybody: Neneh Cherry, Seal and he did a lot of remixes for Prince. He's a really good friend of mine.
  I'm working on releasing I Am Energy with my Business Manger Shawn Carter. We're working on some ideas on how to get that music out there. I wrote and produced everything on it with Tim Simenon.

  But, what I'm looking at is working with my business manager, because, he's connected to a lot of people in the hip-hop Industry: Chuck D., Son of Bazerk, Johnny Juice. I'm going to work with all of those people to get that music out there and do an updated remix on "Alphabet St."

Cover for "Catwoman" single, courtesy of Warner Music International

  Songwriting is a way to release personal things that I couldn't normally express. Sometimes when I write things, they are not for me to sing, they are for other people to sing. Writing to me is a release of emotion and feelings; things that I could never actually say. A lot of musicians write music based on their experiences or other people's experiences. Sometimes when I write music it's based on my experiences, but, I never tell anybody. I'll have someone else sing it.

  From my point of view I think a lot of people totally misunderstand Prince.They think that he's this quiet type of control freak. He is a control freak to some point. Prince is shy, but, he's far from quiet. Once you get to know him, sitting in a room with him having a one-on-one conversation, he's totally funny. You would absolutely think you've known him for a long time.
  I get it. He is Prince. He can't talk to everyone and there are some crazy fans out there. But, if you ever got the chance to just talk to him and be a normal person around him, you would see he's just as normal as you are. He likes eggs, I like eggs. He's funny, I'm funny. And he doesn't sleep in all his outfits! (Laughs).

  Family is the most important thing to me. I don't put my career, finances or anything before family. If my family is not with me at the same time, forget it.
  It's like running in a race. When they shoot that gun—you know "on your marks, get set, go!"--you have to run together. My career doesn't come before my family, my family doesn't come before my career. They walk side by side.

  My biggest regret... I say that I never regret anything, but, I've got a lot of regrets. I could write a book about regrets. My biggest regret is that I left Prince. He told me about a certain person and I chose to make my own decision. In the long run he was right. That's it. He asked me to do something and what he told me about the person was correct. I didn't listen.

  Cat Glover on the proposed "Alphabet St." Remix: "I'm looking forward to that. That's the most exciting thing for me. Prince loves Chuck D. and Public Enemy. He adores them. Johnny Juice has the best beats you could ever hear; he has a vision. Son of Bazerk is off the chain—raw, original hip-hop. That's what I'm focused on right now. That's who I'll be working with in the near, like yesterday, future.
  The relationship that Prince and Chuck D. have is very close knit. So, out of respect, when I do the "Alphabet St." Remix, it will be the bomb. Prince is going to love it.  

 You know how some people just take his songs or Warner Bros. owns some of his music in his vault and has other artists doing it? Prince is not happy with it. Fans are not happy with it. But, Warner Bros. does not own "Alphabet St." That's called remix! Paisley Park! After the madness! I'm looking forward to that. I'm going to make him proud.
  The thing is to have respect. I have all the respect for   him. You would never catch me saying anything negative about him. Everyone has their ups and downs. I admire him and I respect him. He treated me so well. I just love the man, he's awesome. He's a good person to be around when you get to know him. He's fabulous.

  Nowadays, I am a little bit more aware of the choices that I make and the people I surround myself with. A lot of the people that I have met are not honest with me or there for me. They are just there because they want something. I've learned a lot and I've grown up a lot.
  It's kind of sad that I'm not the free spirit that I used to be. But, free spirits get burned. You need someone watching your back or you need to watch your own back. I've leaned a lot about that. I'm still learning.
  Have you ever put something on Facebook, you could be talking about someone else, and people think you're talking about yourself? They ask "Oh, Cat, are you alright?" I think "Dude, I'm not talking about myself." I could scream. When I put something on Facebook, I'm analyzed. I'm thinking "This is not about me. Everything I put on Facebook is not about me." I hate when people read into that. It really drives me crazy.
  You could write everything in black and white. But, they'll pick and choose the words they want and make up their own mind, with their own sentences. I'm always friendly with my fans, but, some of them just go overboard.
  I have been known to go off and snap. I'm human and I'm from Chicago. I can only be polite for so long and then Cat Glover will snap. People will say "I didn't know she was like that, she always seemed so sweet."
  You didn't know me. You know that image of me. Trust me. Prince knows me. People that know me personally, know me (emphasis added). You pushed those buttons, that's just it.
I have feelings and emotions like everyone else. But, I have that streak in me as well. People forget that we're human.

  The next thing is my new reality show I'm working on, which, I can't talk about and another TV show coming up really soon on a major network. I can't disclose, yet, but, you'll see me really soon—in the next two or three months.
  I'm looking forward to working with Chuck D., Son of Bazerk and the Public Enemy family doing a lot of music. That's my love, my passion. I can't wait to just connect on that level. I'm really excited. There were some projects I was in and I let go for the best. There are some new projects I started and I'm excited about them. You'll see me on a major network sooner than you think with a very famous celebrity.

  The future...the sky's the limit. I want to build this empire. I also want to help other people get into this business and teach them the right way to do it, the quickest way to do it, the professional way to do it. I want to help other people who have been in this struggle get there the right way. I have so many other projects in my head; bigger dreams than I had with Prince and other things like that.
  Another thing I'm going to do is make a documentary. That has been one of my biggest dreams. I'm going to find the right person to do it with. It's going to be black and grainy. It's going to be awesome.
  Honestly, I've gotten everything I ever wanted. I had faith in myself. It had nothing to do with how I looked or whatever . I just believed in me. I want to empower people. I don't care who you are, what you look like, if you don't think you're good enough.
  The way things are nowadays, people are so into the fake crap they see out there. They think they have to look "like this," dress "like this" or act "like this." I can honestly say everything on my body is real. No lift up, no fake lips, no fake hair, none of that. It's all Cat Glover. So, I just want to make sure that men and women know they don't have to go that other route. I can't wait. There are so many things about Cat Glover that people don't know that I'm going to put out there.

Cat on the Lovesexy Tour

Stay beautiful, Kristi


Lead Photo: Cat in "SIgn o' the Times" film. Courtesy of Warner Bros.



  1. Great article. I loved her she represented for the black girls out there with thick legs and lips. She was empowering,strong,sexy and beautiful. Bless her heart

    1. Cat sure was far from the Prince type, and she sure didn't have thick legs... love CAT!!

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  2. Excellent insight on the behind the scenes antics of a rock God icon.....Bravo 2 U Cat....

    1. Yes I really liked Cats interview. Some of the things cat spoke about herself in the areas when she was younger some of those I remember all to so much you see I met Cat back when she danced at Dingbats an foxy in Chicago I got up on stage with her and danced. I wonder if she remember that. I was the one that told her I Love her and trying to get her to be my Girl friend I would always come to the Clubs with my band members. And yes Mr.T was the door man and Bouncer in all his chains,combat boots,an Long johns I remember. Also about she having to change her Lighting her self. Sorry I did not mean to get so Personal. But I have not seen or talk to Cat in person in a very long time I wonder if she even remember me I told she was going to make it. I don't really know how this would work. But could you pass my email on to her please. I'm not very computer savvy. My email is I would like to talk to her Im very Proud of her. She the best thing that happen to Prince from my Heart. Thanks!

  3. After coming back to this blog site I realize that what I said mite have sounded a little weird. But I myself was a kid also and most likely I was under age to be in any Club as well. But thats how it was back in that time. My Bands just to name a few Tranquility,Midnight Magic,C.O.D-Children of Destruction,Cold Blooded. And what I meant was when I first laid eyes on Cat it was love at first sight an so I said to her I loved her. A couple of my bands did play at Dingbats & Foxy an all through Illinois and other Cities. But any it would cool to talk to Cat again. Thinks.

  4. I love this story Cat is a real sweet heart!

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  7. Thanks Cat for this article, you really painted an awesome picture of how beautiful you are on the inside & what it would of been like to work along side you all- great experience

  8. give me a break. Prince poked Cat regularly. She was one of his side chicks among many. this is confirmed by Paisley Park employees. Cat also introduced Prince to Ecstasy while they recording the Black Album. thats why the sessions went from a fun party vibe to very dark. When he recorded Bob George he was high as hell off Ecstasy. I think that drug screwed his brain up because he was never the same again. He was tripping balls and hallucinating

    1. Wow..Really??.. I thought he didn't use drugs but I guess he really did. I'm not sure what effects of drugs would have that he was using at the time of his death. But no one ever reported they saw him staggering anywhere or any of that. I wonder how he pull that off?

    2. Wow..Really??.. I thought he didn't use drugs but I guess he really did. I'm not sure what effects of drugs would have that he was using at the time of his death. But no one ever reported they saw him staggering anywhere or any of that. I wonder how he pull that off?

    3. the response to yer comment was dumber than your comment

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